This is a collection of some CNC and laser fabrication projects I’ve done at The Good Mod. I operated a Shopbot Alpha CNC mill and an Epilog Helix 45 watt laser cutter. I designed in both Illustrator and Rhino, and did toolpath generation in RhinoCam.

tgm_cutting_boardlaser-tgm-sign Laser-Good-Flock PDA-card-stand-knock-outtestBig Giant Birdhousejodyake_holder_CAM_1024 jodyake_holder_1024 cnc-yo-vintage_1024 cnc-factory-north-tables CNC---World-Domination-Summit---3 cnc_vintalier cnc_adrien_CAM_1024 cnc_adrien church_2uptttmyrtl table - 1