This is a concept for a hacksaw that could be used comfortably with two hands. The main improvement is the addition of a secondary handle. It is attached to the frame with a round coupler that can slide up and down the hacksaw frame. It is infinitely variable in terms of position and rotation. This enables the user to position the handle to the best position for the task, and provides equal use for both left and right handed users.

The handle itself has been designed for ease of use without any additional fastners, and to be adjustable with only one hand. To move the handle, twist the handle counter clockwise to unlock, change its position, and twist again to lock.

Concept model.

Demonstrating movement of the secondary handle.

These pictures show examples of the wide variety of handle positions, catering to the specfic task at hand, and the user’s preference. The secondary handle is especially helpful for more stability and precision in high and low cutting positions.