This is my re-design of a tape dispenser for the class Introduction to Industrial Design.

Design objectives:

    1. Must be able to be operated with one hand.
    2. Must not have any parts that can be misplaced.
    3. Tape core must not be able to be separated from dispenser during regular and heavy use.
    4. Must be a beautiful object that has a handcrafted, heirloom quality.

Design solutions:

    1. Materials chosen are solid wood and sheet steel, resulting in a heavier object that will not slide when dispensing tape.
    2. A cavity is milled into the dispenser which houses the tape cartridge. The plastic spindle common in most dispensers is done away with. Solution is more structurally sound, and yields less waste and excess material by using the body of the dispenser itself as a functioning part
    3. The tape dispenser is split in half vertically. One side houses the tape, and the other acts as a removable door which prevents the tape from ejecting while in use. This “door” is held in place with magnets.
    4. Solid wood and metal elevates the tape dispenser from a cheap, plastic throw-away object to an object that is cared for and has presence.

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