Knots So Fast

I’ve been teaching myself knots. I’ve tried to keep a regiment where I practice or a learn a new knot every week but that sort of fell by the way side. Anyways here’s the three resources that I’ve been using and highly recommend:

  1. The Knot Handbook. I was at Powell’s in the sailing section for over an hour deciding which book to buy but ultimately came out with this one. I bought this one because it’s inexpensive, in color, includes a historical background of each knot, and has a lot of knots
  2. Animated Knots by Grog. As the title suggests, animated knots. I purchased the iPhone app, which includes free updates.
  3. Decorative Fusion Knots. My friend suggested this book to me and it’s pretty fantastic. Almost all of the knots are originals by the author. They look great in thick, chunky rope. The picture above is a knot from this book (with the help of some Plastidip).

Have fun tying knots!

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