I’m lagging way behind on project updates, but here’s two snapshots of two things made recently: a birdhouse collaboration with my friend Chloë Miller and a desk I made for myself. Details to come.

IMG_0114 IMG_0647


Oof, I’ve been working like a complete madman this week finishing up this table for Adam Garcia.  Finished within two hours with a one week turn around time to present at a First Friday show at Union Pine. Does that sentence even make sense? Anyways here’s a quick sneak peak photo, full write-up soon.

Here’s a preview of a personal project I’ve been working on called Diyline. It’s a tool/cutting template to create your own CD cases. I snapped these pictures as part of a work-in-progress presentation at Instrument IO for Design Week Portland. More to come later.

I’ve been hard at work the past couple of days finishing up this big rolling glass frame. It’s been a fun build, and I’m quite pleased with the process and final results. The client will be using it to shoot videos of artists, designers, and innovaters brainstorming/sketching on the glass. The amazing and talented Jon James Staton designed and managed the project.

Materials: glass, mdf, latex paint.