I moved into a different room in my house in August and the process of getting my computer / work area settled has been quite slow. I put up my desk about month ago and today I put up a strip of 3/4” oak against the wall. I HAVE to have thing hung up and keep things off the floor so this gives me a sturdy surface to work off of, and flexible too, since I’ll be adding and removing screws / nails / hooks / whatever as time goes on as I find what works best.

For now I put up some nails to hang my bags, a steel plate for a magnetic board, and some cans for various tools and writing instruments. A can hangs by a single nail and is removable so I can bring it down to the desk when I need it.

The knife is just for fun. It’s a vintage Boy Scouts of America that I found in a free box. It’s a good start for now, I plan on hanging up a lot more stuff, and uggh, some ART please. Enough with these white walls.

It’s nice having a landlord who lets you put holes in your wall ( ^ _ ^ ).

I put a bright pink sticker on my handlebars as I reminder to wear my helmet. I leave my bike on the porch and simply used to hang my helmet on the bike, until I found one of these inside it one day:

BLEGGH. I brought my helmet inside to avoid the grossness but have found that I ocassionaly forget to bring it. Another option I had considered was putting the helmet in an obviously visible place like right by the door but I wanted to get as close to the original, direct, and foolproof helmet-on-bike relationship as possible. This seems to be working for now.

This is just my example of a reminder, it could be modified to your own uses. Remember that the main idea is to create an object/object or object/action pairing relationship to closely resemble the original intended situation. Th example above of putting my helmet by the door didn’t work because I broke the relationship of using the bike itself as a situational reminder. The door has nothing to do with riding my bicycle, and I found that I would just forget to hang my helmet up there.

I’ve been incredibly busy as of lately. Here’s two projects I’ve been working on; a cardboard icosohedron lantern and my first attempt at plaster mold-making and wax casting. Expect more detailed updates later. Off to California for my sister’s wedding this weekend. Until then.