Wire Bending

I bought one of these wire bending tools but never really put it to much use yet. I gave it a spin tonight and tried my best to model a bike rack. I’ve on and off have been coming up with ideas for a re-design of a rear bicycle rack. I’ve got a few sketches down so far, but I needed an actual physical model of an existing rack on the market for me to play with and to help with the ideation process.

So anyways here it us. The wire is from a coat hanger and the hideous gobs of yellow are hot glue. Not exactly the right fastener for the job, but it works. My original plan was to “sketch” with this wire to come up with different designs but I’m realizing the wire is just way too thick and isn’t quick enough to work with. It will be saved for more realized models down the road. For now I’ll have to find a thinner gauge wire to work with.

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