Bicycle Tool Roll

Here’s my first attempt at a roll-up pouch for my bicycle tools. I’m still learning my way around the sewing machine, and I made a whole lot of mistakes, but I’m pleased with the results. Click on above image for higher res pic.

The fabric is left over scrap from a pair of Dickie’s pants I made into shorts. Tools from left to right: Spare tube, chain tool, air pump, self ahesive patches in a Band-aid container, cable ties, folding hex key set, folding pliers mulit-tool, batteries, tire levers, more cable ties. Not pictured: rubber gloves, spoke wrench, two hose clamps. Two lengths of rope sewn into the end provide a means of cinching it closed.

I use two knots to tie up the roll. First is a reef knot, a relatively secure knot that won’t slip, but still very easy to untie.

After the reef knot, I turn it over and tie a granny knot to tidy it all up. The granny knot unties very easily, but I’m assuming the vibration from the road isn’t enough to undo it.

Bonus! It stands up! Wasn’t expecting that.

I definitely learned a few things about sewing—and the limits of my machine! Don’t try to sew through elastic cord on a non-industrial machine—throughout the process. I’m looking forward to making my next one, made in a gorgeous two-sided vinyl (shown above) I bought at Scrap.

I think we can all agree this is a bit of an upgrade from my previous “tool roll” I’ve been using for the past two years, a tyvek envelope.

  1. Drew said:

    Beautiful roll, I am looking to make one similar. I’m curious to know if it attaches to the seat and how. Thanks!

    • simon said:

      Hi there, this doesn’t attach to the seat. I simply carry this in my pannier. Good luck making your own! Thanks for visiting.

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